Turbo Pumps Warranty

All pumps refurbished at Sciencix facilities are warrantied from the date of shipment and for a 15-month period thereafter. This warranty shall not extend to products that have been improperly stored or installed, misused, altered, neglected or repaired without Sciencix’s authorization, within the warranty period described. Similarly, improper nominal operating power, excessive current, excessive ambient temperatures, or other operating conditions that would affect the performance or life of the pump may also void this warranty.

Authorization to return products or materials for warranty repair must be obtained from Sciencix, and all shipments to Sciencix facilities are the responsibility of the customer. Removal of turbo pumps or uninstallation shall be at the discretion of the customer and not the responsibility of Sciencix. All products returned must be free from contamination of harmful substances and must be accompanied by a completed Sciencix Turbo Pump Packing Checklist.

If a pump returned to Sciencix facilities is found to be defective in whole or in part, it will be repaired at the care of Sciencix and returned to the customer as soon as feasible. Pumps that are unable to be sufficiently refurbished will be credited for future refurbishment services with Sciencix or refunded to the amount of the contract price of refurbishment. The replacement of consumed items and complimentary repair services covered under this warranty include but are not limited to O-rings, bearings, internal pump components, etc., deemed necessary to return the pump to normal operational service.

This warranty applies only to the above and is limited to within the period described. Sciencix is not liable for damages that exceed the contract price for refurbishment services provided, and Sciencix assumes no liability for any indirect, unique, or consequential damages arising from equipment deemed defective by the customer.